Fossil Hunting: Ledi-Geraru, Ethiopia


The forbidding landscape of the Ledi-Geraru research site—it looks empty but may be hiding valuable fossil evidence about our human origins!

IHO is excited to launch a new section of the blog this month that will feature scientists and students working at a field site in the Afar Regional State of Ethiopia, called the Ledi-Geraru research area.

What is a bit different about these new blog entries is that we are reaching out to the secondary school community, primarily middle and high school teachers and their students, to give them a chance to see what “fossil hunting” is actually like in the field.

The Ledi-Geraru field project is being co-led by IHO Research Associate and ASU President’s Professor Kaye Reed, who will start off the blog by showing all the equipment and logistics of mounting a field research camp, along with stories from students and other scientists working in the field for the next four weeks.

Kaye Reed in the field, Hadar, Ethiopia.

Kaye Reed in the field, Hadar, Ethiopia.

We encourage teachers and students to post comments and ask questions, and Dr. Reed or one of the other field scientists will do their best to answer. So, please forward our blog on to friends or post the link up on Facebook or Twitter.

Have a look at some of our past blog entries that were posted by IHO graduate students from the field in South Africa, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.

And welcome to the field!

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