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Ben Schoville: Week 5, “Drawing” to a Close

As I mentioned last week, this is our last week of work at PP5-6 for the May–June season. The final days of excavating include cleaning the profiles so that all the layers are readily visible, taking rectified photographs of the … Continue reading

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Ben Schoville: Week 4, The Nature in Excavation

In the same way it’s true that “you can never step in the same river twice,” when excavating archaeology you are never on the same site twice. Excavations proceed dynamically and once an artifact—be it a stone tool, broken bone, … Continue reading

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Ben Schoville: Week 3, Soccer Fever Begins

“It is a very exciting time to be South African.” Jan de Vynck, South African ethnobotanist As South Africa is being thrust on the world stage for the World Cup soccer tournament for the next month, it will be interesting … Continue reading

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Ben Schoville: Week 2, Mossel Bay—Cave Guys

One part of working on the project for a few years that has been particularly rewarding is getting to know and work with the local South African crew and townspeople. This year, fellow grad student Simen Ostmo and I are … Continue reading

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